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Seagrove's 23-million litre wetland in Seaberry Creek Park has been computer-designed to naturally clean stormwater before it flows into the bay.

Stormwater flows slowly through alternating bands of deep and shallow wetland, separated by striking curved rock gabion weirs and surrounded by ephemeral wetland. After rain, the wetland is designed to fill and empty slowly over 72 hours, giving the wetland's 19,000 plants time to remove pollutants.

“Rain gardens” planted with selected wetland species are located in every street, each acting as miniature wetlands naturally filtering stormwater, as well as beautifying Seagrove’s streetscapes.

4,500 litre rain water tanks connected to toilets and a garden tap in every home are projected to save over 10 million litres of drinking water every year as well as reducing the amount of stormwater entering the bay. Recycled water is also available to selected home sites.

Seagrove’s integrated stormwater treatment measures are projected to reduce pollution entering the bay each year by 22.7 tonnes of suspended solids, 39.2kg of phosphorous, 204kg of nitrogen and 6.5 tonnes of gross pollutants.


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