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Over 2,000 indigenous trees, 18,000 indigenous mid- and ground-storey plants and 32,000 wetland plants have been planted in Seagrove’s parks and streetscapes.

Seagrove’s existing mature eucalypt trees – including woodland of regional conservation significance – are protected by parks, the careful location of infrastructure, and by building envelopes on home sites.

Extra-wide streets – up to 25 metres wide – allow space for indigenous trees to grow, linking parks and creating corridors for wildlife.

Homeowners are encouraged to plant indigenous plants, which provide habitat for native species including birds and frogs. Plant species recognised as environmental weeds cannot be grown at Seagrove.

Existing overhead powerlines on Settlement Road – between McKenzie and Anderson Roads – were replaced with underground power to allow mature trees space to grow and allow unobstructed views of the bay.


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