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Become involved in the local community as part of Urban Landcare.

Urban Landcare is a Phillip Island Landcare program that focuses on sustainable living in urban environments. Seagrove residents are entitled to a complimentary 12-month membership which includes a site visit from a Landcare project officer who can provide advice on water-wise, wildlife-friendly gardening.

Members also receive a voucher for 30 indigenous plants grown by the Barb Martin Bushbank from locally-sourced seed, regular newsletters and access to practical sustainability seminars.

Seagrove's eight acres of landscaped parks – featuring mature eucalypts, boardwalks, barbecues and children’s play equipment – provide extensive opportunities for homeowners to appreciate the natural environment.


water sensitive urban design

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Seagrove's native bird species

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landscaped open spaces

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indigenous plant list

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