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Over five acres in area, Seaberry Creek Park forms a stunning feature at the entry to Seagrove.

A bridge link through the open space ensures the wetland is central to people’s experience of the site. This is further reinforced by extensive boardwalks suspended above the wetland, and walking trails linking a series of open spaces designed to accommodate a range of unstructured activities, from ball play and kite flying to exploration of rocky waterways or simply sitting and taking in the view.

A strong motif of overlapping leaf forms has driven the wetland design and created the opportunity for a rich pattern of stepped wetland cells that provide the water quality treatment function. Porous and non-porous gabion walls help define the wetland shape, providing a defined, but nevertheless soft, form.

In the north-west corner of the park, a striking picnic shelter echoes the leaf motif of the wetlands.


Seagrove Park

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