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Seagrove’s energy-efficient street lighting – a first for the region – reduces energy use by 48% compared with conventional street lighting.

An underground LPG network is projected to save over 3,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year by reducing demand on electricity, and can be converted to natural gas in the future. Residents can save over 40% compared with purchasing LPG in cylinders.

Pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly urban design – including a new footpath connection to Thompson Avenue – encourage healthy alternatives to the use of private vehicles.

Homes are required to install five-star, high-efficiency, gas hot water or five-star, solar-gas hot water. Compared with conventional electric hot water, five-star gas hot water can reduce greenhouse emissions by 70% (and gas-boosted solar by 85%).

Over 98% of lots at Seagrove achieve optimum solar orientation. Design guidelines encourage solar access for all homes, reducing heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer.

Seagrove Park's barbecues are 70% more efficient than conventional units. The cook plates are powered by an array of six 175W high-efficiency solar panels on the roof of the picnic shelter. Power is fed back into the electricity grid when the barbecues are not in use.


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